Wordpress Training Course
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One of the fastest growing and easiest Website development tool is WordPress especially for CMS website in the world. It comprises of enormous features including easy themes, best user interface, easy plugin development, better performance, easy eligibility and much more. So WordPress is the right choice for you if you are planning to do a CMS. You can build your career in WordPress, at present it has largest vacancies in IT Companies.

At present WordPress has become the most popular blogging platform on the web. As per analysis, it is used over 14.7% for web development. WordPress is comprises of handy and simple features designed to give both the users an experience of easy publishing as well an appealing for viewer. 

Learntodigital.com provides WordPress training in Gurgaon for developers who are interested to gain in depth, advance knowledge in WordPress such as Hooks, Widget Development, Plugin Development etc. So if you are interested to learn complete advance training in WordPress then you are at right place. It comprises of many standard features that make it fast, simple and flexible content management system.

Learntodigital.com WordPress Training in Gurgaon is recommended for beginners and intermediates that have keen interest in learning this key technology. We skilled trainers cover many aspects of WordPress including overview, installation, configuration, setting up a PHP WordPress development environment, actions and filters, activation code, templates, widgets, admin interface, database security, jQuery, AJAX, security , live project training and much more.

Learntodigital.com training sessions are designed to help students to get advantage of both theoretical and practical sessions. The theory sessions deal with the basics techniques while the practical sessions include learning by writing code and doing assignments. If you check the syllabus of WordPress of some other training center then you will notice that they only cover basics in WordPress. Even our clients knows simple basic working pattern of WordPress. Other institutes don’t teach advance level topics.

Our Wordpress training centre in Gurgaon, after attaining training from experienced trainers then our Placement team schedules recruitment drives where the top-notched technology-driven branded companies hand-pick our students.

S.No. Module
1.0 On Page SEO
1.1 Keywords plan/analysis/research
1.2 Meta tag
1.3 Content Optimisation
1.4 Canonical Tag
1.5 Heading tag
1.6 ALT, Title Tag
1.7 Anchor Tag
1.8 Sitemap
1.9 Robots
1.10 Page Page Insight
1.11 Internal and hyperlinking
1.12 URL Structure
1.13 301,302 Redirection
1.14 Do follow/No follow
2.0 Off Page SEO
2.1 Social Bookmarking
2.2 Classified submission
2.3 Business Listing
2.4 Articles
2.5 Blogs
2.6 Guest Blogging
2.7 Quora
2.8 Forum submission
2.9 Web 2.0
2.10 PPT, PDF
2.11 PPT, PDF
2.12 Video
2.13 LSI
2.14 Competitors Analysis
2.15 Infographics
2.16 Image Submission
2.17 Press Release
3.0 Google Tool
3.1 Google Search Console
3.2 Google Analytics
3.3 Google Keywords Planner
3.4 Google My Business
3.5 Google Tag Manager
4.0 SEO Tools/Extension
4.1 SERP
4.2 Moz
4.3 Structuctural data Testing
4.4 WMS Everywhere
4.5 Website Audit Tool
4.6 Backlink Checker Tool
4.7 Broken link Checker tool
4.8 W3C Validator
4.9 Duplicacy Checker Tool
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Course Detail
150 Students
Duration: 30 Days
Lessions 15
Videos 15
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