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Learn to Design and Optimize Pay Per click Campaigns with Best PPC training Institute in Gurgaon

Pay-per-click, is a form of online advertising where advertisers can captivate customers to their websites and stimulate their business website. Successful PPC campaigns can give quick and quantifiable results, promoting the brand to global audience and attracting customers at the right time. Promoters of small businesses have gain a lot from PPC. Besides assisting in profit generation, it also puts the business on the world map on par with leading brands. But the key to harnessing these benefits is depending on ads design that will generate maximum clicks for a website.

We offer best PPC training in Gurgaon to help you do efficiently; we bring a niche course that exposes you to all the tools and technologies of the trade that will result in maximum ROI. You will learn to leverage search engine and bid management tools to capture the right sort of customers. You will learn the right way to use Google AdWords, keyword categorization, campaign structuring, ad copy creation, display advertising and other tricks to become a good PPC marketer.

What techniques you will learn:

  • You will understand how to improve the search of your current search marketing programs
  • You will expose to new tools and techniques for better search marketing solutions
  • Tactics to improve brand affinity and enhance brand recall
  • Influencing factors that improve purchase intent

Google AdWords

In today’s digital period, being qualified in the field of Digital Marketing can provide you with one of the best career options to chase in. Google AdWords is one of the main elements of Digital Marketing and if you are admonish to obtain knowledge in Google AdWords or want to grow your carrier in this digital age and searching for a Reliable Digital Marketing Institute then you are at right place. We, learntodigital are now providing the Google AdWords Training Course in Gurgaon itself.

Why Google AdWords?

For increasing online presence many growing number of businesses are adopting AdWords and for their business’ growth, the demand for qualified people in Google AdWords is also increasing.

  • Learning Google AdWords will increase one’s competitiveness in the job market.
  • Learning Google AdWords does not require any proviso educational background.
  • AdWords Learning creates many career opportunities for people of all age, situation and industries.
  • As Google AdWords are essential factor of Digital marketing so by learning this your skill set will enhance.

What you should expect from pay per click Training Course in Gurgaon?

The infrastructure, resources, techniques and quality of education are what differentiate our institute from the rest of the skill development facilities offering a similar set of courses in the PPC niche in Gurgaon. We have experienced group of faculty in our institution to make sure that individuals can gain proper exposure and initiate growth in the direction of gathering those essential skills required for desirable and highest level for their professional career. In our PPC training course we have the best student-teacher ratio in the whole industry of Gurgaon to make sure that students can always get extra support, guidance, and mentorship if required.

The premises are clean and house efficient, well-furnished, comfortable and spacious classrooms to cater the perfect absorbing and learning environment for students to develop and inculcate the skills required to be a top-notch professional in the field. The faculty of our institution believes that every individual has capability to be the best in his field if he is provided with the right training and mentorship at the most crucial phase of his professional carrier and our objective is to do just that for our students. We believe in quality over quantity and this is the reason that only a limited number of individuals are permitted in each and every batch of our pay per click training classes in Gugaon, so as to make sure that all students taking up the course can get optimum personal attention for his career growth.

What makes learntodigital different?

Learntodigita is a one of the leading Digital Marketing training institute in Gurgaon, we are working for long term in the same field. We have added new courses in our basket "Advanced PPC training Course in Gurgaon" and “Advanced Google AdWords training Course in Gurgaon” for betterment of our students. Our experts have analyzed each and every practical aspect of AdWords by working on several projects of different kind of businesses. We have the right knowledge of Digital Marketing Strategies and will give you the right knowledge with best of our experience. Learntodigital will not let you go by wrong/false statements which other people generally make.

The syllabus or the coursework of our pay per click training courses in Gurgaon is designed by some of the most experienced and well-known internet marketing professionals in the industry so as to make sure that the students can learn and improve their skills to make certain inroads in their professional life with acquired paid marketing proficiency. The courses entirely cover all the factors of carrying out a successful paid marketing campaign from the word go and that too with quite affordable fee structures.

Students learn about how to start and implement a paid advertising campaign, search psychology, how to display a compelling campaign based upon target audience’s choices, interests, and previous search history, auction models, search algorithms, post-click activity, search engines and their role, latest PPC market trends, pricing a campaign, ideating and comparing keywords, keyword analysis and tracking, conversion model (auction, bidding, tracking and reporting), writing efficient ad copies, landing pages, and various other concepts associated with Pay Per Click training course in Gurgaon.

We have both short-term and long-term courses (Advance Pay Per Click training course in Gurgaon) for individuals based on the competency of skill sets that they want to achieve and the amount of time that they are prepared to invest in. We even have an option of weekend classes and online classes for individuals that cannot join our regular weekday's classes or come to the institute due to prior work commitments or even personal responsibilities. Contact us now for more details.

S.No. Module
1.0 On Page SEO
1.1 Keywords plan/analysis/research
1.2 Meta tag
1.3 Content Optimisation
1.4 Canonical Tag
1.5 Heading tag
1.6 ALT, Title Tag
1.7 Anchor Tag
1.8 Sitemap
1.9 Robots
1.10 Page Page Insight
1.11 Internal and hyperlinking
1.12 URL Structure
1.13 301,302 Redirection
1.14 Do follow/No follow
2.0 Off Page SEO
2.1 Social Bookmarking
2.2 Classified submission
2.3 Business Listing
2.4 Articles
2.5 Blogs
2.6 Guest Blogging
2.7 Quora
2.8 Forum submission
2.9 Web 2.0
2.10 PPT, PDF
2.11 PPT, PDF
2.12 Video
2.13 LSI
2.14 Competitors Analysis
2.15 Infographics
2.16 Image Submission
2.17 Press Release
3.0 Google Tool
3.1 Google Search Console
3.2 Google Analytics
3.3 Google Keywords Planner
3.4 Google My Business
3.5 Google Tag Manager
4.0 SEO Tools/Extension
4.1 SERP
4.2 Moz
4.3 Structuctural data Testing
4.4 WMS Everywhere
4.5 Website Audit Tool
4.6 Backlink Checker Tool
4.7 Broken link Checker tool
4.8 W3C Validator
4.9 Duplicacy Checker Tool
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Course Detail
150 Students
Duration: 30 Days
Lessions 15
Videos 15
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